Zombie Diary Cheats Hack for Gold Coins and Crystals

It is your time to save humanity from the zombies, kill all walking dead that gets near you and to do that you need the help of zombie diary cheats and hack to get more gold coins and crystals to buy weapon, ammunition, health kits, boosts, mechanical robots and a lot more. It is a battle of survival, zombies will be non stop and relentless on there attacks, so to fend them off and eliminated them for good, you need the biggest and baddest weapon that you can handle to shoot and get rid of them for good. All in all, you have several choices to use the 25 heavy guns in the game that will surely make you enjoy and glad that you have made the right choice to make use of a zombie diary hack for android.

Zombie Diary Cheat and Hack for Gems and Gold Coins

Zombie Diary Survival Cheat and Hack for Gems and Gold Coins

Zombie Diary Cheats Hack Features:

  1. Have More Gold Coins – use this to buy weapon, unlock characters, get boosts and a lot more.
  2. Get More Crystals- just like coins, crystals can be used to purchase weapons, mech  and other items.
  3. You can now get all the weapon you wan because you will have a lot of money in the game
  4. Enjoy and have fun, no rooting needed.

Now you can have the change to unlock all 5 roles to play, you have also different 5 skills that vary depending on the role you choose, ride all 3 meches that will make you the real strong zombie killer in the world, go to all maps, have all achievements and equip all weapons you choose.

Zombie Diary Proof for Cheat

Get Lots of Gold Coins, Crystals, Guns and more in zombie diary survival cheat

Zombie Diary Cheats Download

Zombie Diary Cheat Download


As of this moment, there are more gamer worldwide getting hooked up with this game and it’s getting more exciting waiting for more updates on the game, zombie diary cheat codes, tips, tricks and walk through will surely be in demand by now. As shown above on the screenshot, there are endless possibilities with this game if you are looking for some fun, blast, slash and hack the zombies and save humanity. Enjoy the game!

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